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Luna Keller Drops Joyful and Warm New Tune ‘Home in my Heart’

Cards on the table…I’ve been following and loving Luna Keller’s music for years now. From ‘High Low High Low’ to ‘Woman in the Van’ and everything in between, it’s been a career that I’ve consistently relished paying close attention to. I am now proud to introduce you to ‘Home in my Heart’, Luna’s brand new joyful single that celebrates the friendships and connections made as a travelling musician. Based mainly in Germany, the singer/songwriter wrote her new tune while visiting a friend in Switzerland, and says that “travelling with my music, I feel like I have found my people scattered all over the world”.

A wondrously warm and cosy track, ‘Home in my Heart’ sends out a pure and unfiltered message of love. It’s a song to send to your loved ones with a simple but oh-so-enduring sentiment; No matter what happens, I’ll be there for you.

I find myself running out of superlatives to describe the talent that is Luna Keller. A voice that deserves to be heard by all, and a sound that I feel I’ll never grow tired of, she’s an artist of the highest order. ‘Home in my Heart’ is the third single from Luna so far this year, and I have no doubt we’ll be hearing from her again very soon!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Home in my Heart’ on Spotify now:


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