ZOE Unleashes Second Single from Upcoming EP ‘Sun’

ZOE, the Australian ethereal singer/songwriter turned producer and visionary artist, recently unveiled her latest masterpiece with the brand new single ‘Sun’. Described by the artist as a “(r)evolutionary anthem”, ‘Sun’ is a deeply immersive and atmospheric art-pop tune. It covers themes of hope, unity, and breaking neverending cycles, all within a dreamy and delicately textured soundscape. ZOE’s vocal performance on the track is simply spellbinding, as she effortlessly weaves through the ethereal layers of music. Introspective and evocative, it’s a song that invites listeners to embark on a new and transformative journey.

Serving as the second release from her upcoming EP of the same name, ‘Sun’ is a tune that means the world to the artist. “It’s a really important track for me,” she says. “Because it defines the theme and sound of the EP”. 

With a firm belief that the world is ready for “contemporary pop music that crosses over with the Solarpunk aesthetic movement”, ZOE has concocted a sound and a style that is fresh, innovative, and enormously appealing. From the very first note of ‘Sun’, one is pulled into her enchanting universe, a universe that seems full of endless possibilities and promises. It’s just brilliant! We can’t wait to hear the full EP!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Sun’ on Spotify now:


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