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Lump200 Shares Full Album and Audio Web App ‘Isles Of You’

He’s done, the journey is now complete. We have championed Lump200 for the past year, passionately following his journey through the meanders of experimental electronica. It’s been a hypnotising and transformative effort, allowing us to really connect with the German producer. Based in Berlin, Lump200 delves deep into glitchy electronica, ethereal textures, retro synthetisers and a certain flair for tribal grooves. It all now comes together in ‘Isles Of You’, a 13-track album that will surprise its listeners, perhaps getting them lost in the sea of visionary sound design. 

Featuring a healthy amount of saxophone and various horns, ‘Isles of You’ also seems to rejoice from the blend of organic and digital sources, working together towards the greater good. This formula pushes the scope of the record forward, somehow putting it at the intersection between music concrete and old-school electronica. 

What’s more relevant, is how ‘Isles Of You’ is not just an album: rather, it’s a creative concept. Driving the project towards an immersive fan experience, Lump200 is also unveiling a social-audio web-app, islesofyou – a collaborative tool for music creation. In it, the keen listener will be able to discover music creation, sharing their efforts with other gifted users. 

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