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Tash Hills Returns with Charming Banger ‘Who d’you think you are?’

Eventually, they all come back. We were already familiar with Tash Hills, having featured her in the past. However, the last year has been a veiled hiatus for the Portsmouth talent. It was for the better: often, art-making needs to breathe, it benefits from a little break to recharge and start anew. Tash Hills does exactly that, returning this month with a brand new record, ‘Who d’you think you are?’, a charming and exuberant electro-RnB gem. Notably, the track is the start of a 5 singles release cycle, set to completely take Hill’s career to the next level. 

Tash Hills is not new to sharing groovy and luscious bangers; ‘First Breath’, from 2020, is on its way to reaching half a million streams very soon. ‘Who d’you think you are?’ certainly shares the same potential, being such a feel-good, uplifting and groovy slice of goodness. In it, the listener will be served with Tash Hills’ wonderful vocals, capable of a thousand evocative harmonies, while delivering catchy and memorable melodies in the explosive chorus. George Holliday contributes to the fantastic production.

Lyrically, the song explores the danger of trusting friends too much: be careful out there! 

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