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Jen Lush Unveil Soothing and Nostalgic Gem ‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’

When approaching ‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’, the listener will rejoice in the soothing sonic experience. Facilitated by a gentle yet emotional arrangement, Jen Lush’s stunning vocals create a fictional artistic universe, one where we can find a refuge from the chaos and stress of everyday life. A source of escapism, if you will. That’s what ‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’ represents for us at Mesmerized. A jump into an introspective and nostalgic musical pool, one where Lush is judge, jury and executioner. We rest in awe, with Jen’s heart-shaking artistic stature kidnapping our attention for a considerable amount of time. 

How could it not be that way? ‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’ is an absolute jewel, the kind of track that showcases deeply-rooted songwriting expertise, coupled with enhanced lyrical sensibility. Emerging from Adelaide, Australia, Lush is also a gifted poet, a medium that often ends up informing her lyrics. 

‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’ explores themes of love, loss and longing, navigating the ‘Dawn Song’ format: lovers who part from each other at sunset, under an onlooker’s eyes. Jen Lush manages to echo the meaningful lyricism in a cathartic manner, allowing the listener to truly connect to the record. 

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