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Danny Webster Unveils Personal Album ‘Two Worlds’

‘Two Worlds’ is truly a personal affair. The latest album by Canadian troubadour Danny Webster, the record blends classic pop, alt-folk and mellow rock stylings with ease and charisma, ultimately following Webster’s enlightened lyricism on a nostalgia-filled journey, at times melancholic, at others slightly hopeful. 

Why is it a personal affair? Well, the Toronto-based creative not only writes honest, fragile and vibrant songs, but he also performs all instruments on the album, showcasing impressive musical prowess and a natural predisposition for art-making. The result is absolutely flawless – the only point one could make would be about the strong retro flair contained in ‘Two Worlds’; honestly though, we are all good with that; It helps the record transform into an even encounter between modernity and tradition. 

Among ten stunning gems, Webster delivers tight and distortion-flavoured anthems (such as ‘Enemy’ and ‘Sidewalk’), mellower storytelling episodes (such as ‘Rest’ and ‘Numb’) and poignant ballad material (‘Hurt’, above all). Danny’s evocative and ethereal vocals crown the whole tracklist, particularly flourishing when used in the many blissful harmonies. 

Speaking about the album, the Canadian creative explains: “‘Two Worlds’ is heavily inspired by artists like Big Thief, Alex G and Radiohead. It surrounds the idea of perspective, and processing life events”.

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