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Lord Infinit3 Shares Fierce Single ‘PRIZE AND TROPHY’

It takes expertise to create a good record. Writing something catchy, relatable and memorable is not an easy feat – Lord Infinit3 seems to have somehow cracked the code, penning a rap-pop gem that successfully blurs the boundaries between genres, perfectly fitting the contemporary musical sensibility. ‘PRIZE AND TROPHY’ features collaborators Kayne Dynell and 7Figures1M, taking care of the chorus and second verse, respectively. 

Overall, ‘PRIZE AND TROPHY’ is a pop record, in its widest sense. It’s made for a big audience, it’s made to resonate far and wide around the globe. On a closer look, one can easily analyse the single’s roots, stemming from rap-punk, emo stylings and commercial EDM, all blended together to create a powerful anthem for our modern times. 

Taking care of the production is Alex Musa, drenching ‘PRIZE AND TROPHY’ in glimmering sound design and light yet effective electronic grooves. It works perfectly with Lord Infinit3’s gritty, charming vocals, empowering a listening experience that’s electrifying and fierce.

Discover ‘PRIZE AND TROPHY’ on Spotify: 


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