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Lucid Evolution Unleash Psychedelic Epic ‘Water!’

It feels like only yesterday that I discovered Virginia-based foursome Lucid Evolution and their debut single ‘Glow like the Sun’. It was, in fact, July 2022. And, if I’m being completely honest, I forgot to “check in” with them ever since. I’m ashamed to admit it…but I like to think it happens to the best of us. That was until last month when their brand new single ‘Water!’ “came across my desk”, and I was re-introduced to a band I had forgotten about developing feelings for.

Clocking in at nearly six and a half minutes, ‘Water!’ is described by the act as “a reflection of our continued exploration into the realms of sound and emotion”. Intertwining ethereal melodies with full-bodies basslines, guitar solos, and pulsating rhythms expertly captures the essence of the tune’s namesake. Tranquil yet powerful, inviting yet intense.

A psychedelic journey of epic proportions, ‘Water!’ is a stellar addition to Lucid Evolution’s ever-growing discography. They offer up more than just a listening experience…it’s a transformative and purifying expedition.

I’m off to discover what I’ve missed out on since ‘Glow like the Sun’, and I get the feeling that there’s an immersive rollercoaster of sounds awaiting me. I can’t wait!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Water!’ on Spotify now:


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