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Sweet Coins Release Hard-Hitting Debut EP ‘The Downsides Of Being Happy’

Hertfordshire-based pop-punk act Sweet Coins recently unleashed their smashing debut EP ‘The Downsides Of Being Happy’, a record that has been in the works for over two years. Influenced by the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Neck Deep, and Holding Absence, the band has concocted five original tunes that showcase just what they’re all about; real stories, a diverse sound, and an energetic presence.

‘Happy?’ gets the EP underway with an all-out attack on the senses. Hard-hitting and anthemic, it’s a tune that describes the feeling of everything falling into place for everyone except ourselves. ‘Fell For Me’ then follows in a similar sonic manner, and it’s clear that Sweet Coins hold a serious knack for writing punchy and infectious melodies that soar with passion.

‘LOOK AT U’ deals with falling in love for the very first time, while ‘Gloom’ is about “Wanting

to know how a former lover’s life is going, praying for it to be worse but also missing them and saying that no one will be better,” says the band. 

The EP finishes with ‘RCG’ and, if you know my rule by now, you’ll know that I shall be leaving you to discover it all for yourself! What an EP! I’m blown away!

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘The Downsides Of Being Happy’ on Spotify now:


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