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Easton Returns with Charming and Fuzzy Jewel ‘End Times’

[Photo: Preston Alan Denunzio/@preston__shoots] Easton is certainly no stranger to making art. In fact, he’s a well-known photographer and creative director, working with some of the most sought-after talent in the entertainment and fashion industry. It just so happens that music is also one of his passions, prompting the question: is there anything he cannot do? ‘End Times’ is Easton’s latest effort, a track that works wonders in showcasing the quirky and modern stylings championed by the American talent. 

Built on saturated tones and a charming, fuzzy vocal outlook, ‘End Times’ is a pretty peculiar offering, reminding us of the likes of George Clanton, among others. It is rebellious, cutting-edge material, perfect for the post-pandemic misfits. The sonic profile is extremely intriguing, made up of glitchy electronic matter, and really forward-thinking. 

Describing the inspiration behind ‘End Times’, Easton explains: “You know how exciting it is when Summer hits and you get to go to the beach? Imagine it’s your last time…ever. That’s the vibe of ‘End Times’. Honestly, this world is fucked. Let’s be real. I just wanna get fucked up and dance at the beach. Easily the mood board for this song.”

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