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Live Wire Return with Mellower Episode ‘Scuba Diver’

The keen reader might remember reading about Live Wire in our publication earlier this year. Featuring ‘All in Good Time’, we proudly declared: “Fierce and electrifying, ‘All In Good Time’ takes the listeners by the jacket, materialising them into Live Wire’s musical bonanza”. While that showcased the group’s pure rock’n’roll flair, Live Wire now seems set on unveiling their more nuanced, fragile side. 

‘Scuba Diver’ caters to exactly that. The British band’s latest effort, the single enjoys a slower pace and evocative harmonic material, making for a track that develops along the lines of an indie-pop anthem. Leaving ample space for Live Wire’s emotional vocals, ‘Scuba Diver’ feels mellow and meaningful, yet retains a pinch of chaotic distortions, especially towards the end. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, the group explains: “It encompasses a feeling of dejection within a disorderly relationship and projects these raw, palpable emotions onto a song”. The result is a track that’s lyrically relevant, and sonically hard-hitting. 

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