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Her Leather Jacket Shares Emo Anthem ‘Cut Me Up’

A textbook emo anthem, ‘Cut Me Up’ is a slice of poignancy and chaotic melancholia, all packaged into an alluring punk-pop livery that’s malleable and hard-hitting. While the first minute is certainly less punchy and more nuanced, it doesn’t take long for the song to explode into a triumph of driving drum grooves and sharp guitar riffing. The addition of electronic elements makes the track very contemporary. 

Ultimately though, the listener’s attention is completely stolen by Manny Blu’s engaging vocals, weaving in and out of intimate sections and all-out, majestic choruses. Sharing a tale of self-doubts and relationship troubles, Her Leather Jacket really hit the mark, being meaningful and relatable, but also fierce and noisy. Wes Snyder completes the talented duo’s lineup. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Her Leather Jacket explain: “For us, the song is about someone questioning if they are good enough for their partner, and at the end of the day, they are there with an overwhelming, staggering kind of love”. Look out for the group’s upcoming EP, ‘The House That Chaos Built’, expected in the summer. 

[Photographer Credit: Libby Danforth]

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