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The Bird Yellow Shares Leftfield Jewel ‘when the room goes dark’

Introduced by a gentle, eclectic drum groove, ‘when the room goes dark’ could go anywhere from there. Drenched in dark textures and intense harmonic material, the track then welcomes The Bird Yellow‘s majestic vocals; showcasing a highly cathartic and evocative tone, the Barcelona-based creative takes the record into alt-pop and alt-folk territories – a formula that seems to work very well for him. 

Next to the aforementioned drum groove, ‘when the room goes dark’ also features a healthy amount of leftfield electronic elements in the form of hypnotising arpeggiators and modulating soundscapes. A plethora of ethereal vocal harmonies seem to blink an eye to the likes of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. It’s clear that The Bird Yellow has his priorities right!

What’s interesting is the dance-inducing factor in the track; while it’s not there at first, from three minutes onward a layer of electronic beats make sure that ‘when the room goes dark’ keeps a steady – yet wonky – four to the floor. The single anticipates an upcoming album, ‘TBH’, expected in November 2024. 

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