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Alex Kate Returns with Mellow Gem ‘But For Now’

We last heard about Alex Kate back in June, when she was unveiling ‘High Club’, a track that felt fierce and powerful, carrying the same majestic energy shared by Kate’s past releases. Now, the British songstress returns on the tail end of summer, offering a soothing, mellow effort that seems to explore more intimate and electronic-powered territories. 

‘But For Now’ leaves guitars and drums behind in favour of emotional arpeggiated synths, cinematic textures and an overall spacious production. It all works extremely well, providing the perfect environment for Kate’s nuanced and evocative vocals. In fact, we’d argue that the song showcases a different side of the talented creative, one that’s more introspective and meaningful. 

Defined as “a song that grapples with love addiction and heartache”, ‘But For Now’ sees Kate opening up to her listeners once again, delving into the turmoil and frustrations of love and relationships. Alex is performing at the Troubadour (London, UK) on the 28th of September, and Phoenix Rising Festival on the 26th of August. Also, Colours in Hoxton (London) on the 29th of February.

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