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littleuniverses Share Hypnotising Slowcore Album

If you know anything about Mesmerized, you’ll know we are lovers of the abstract, admirers of the ethereal, and followers of the dreamy. With this premise, we couldn’t but deeply connect to littleuniverses’ gooey and viscous sonic material, a hypnotising blend of slowcore, shoegaze and abstract electronica. The results are glorious, and showcase the work of an artist that’s not only enlightened in her lyrical themes, but also on her musical prowess. 

Littleuniverses’ self-titled debut album released very recently, a 10-track dive into the project’s eclectic and contagious artistic universe. Produced by Randall Dunn, it also features Arjan Miranda and cellist Brent Arnold. It is perhaps this diverse group of collaborators that further enhances litteuniverses’ work. Nothing is off-limits: spoken words, soundscapes, retrowave punch, cinematic energy, post-punk grittiness. There’s space for everything, giving birth to a transformative record that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Canadian songstress. 

Lyrically, the album takes the listener on a journey that immerses them in each song, aiming to provide strength, solace, empathy, and joy. We’d go a step further, and declare the record a perfect source of escapism, a welcome refuge from a troubling modern reality. Speaking about the making of the album, litteuniverses explains: “I approach these topics in my music in a way that is more abstract at times so listeners of any gender can also find a piece of themselves in the music and relate.”

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