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Jaded Jane Contributes to Movie Soundtrack with ‘The Distance Between Us’

When approaching Jaded Jane, one must be ready for not only a lyrical journey, but also a sonic one. The talented Swedish songwriter has long infused his material with dreamy and ethereal musical matter, framing his evocative and poignant vocals in soothing and synthesised goodness. The results are speaking for themselves, with Jaded Jane now sitting on a golden catalogue. Now, the Gothenburg resident returns with his latest effort, ‘The Distance Between Us’, a soundtrack piece written for the upcoming feature film of the same title. The movie premiers in Glasgow on July 14th by Mile Away Films. 

Featuring a group of talented musicians, including Adam Jane on bass, Erik Bodin from Little Dragon on drums, and Jerry Sillah on electric guitar, ‘The Distance Between Us’ channels a strong pop character, stripping the arrangement back while putting vocals on center stage. An emotional rollercoaster, the record features solemn moments next to more classic ballad tropes. Overall, a fantastic effort from Jaded Jane, once again showcasing his lyrical prowess. 

A project started in 2016, the soundtrack took shape when the film’s director, Etienne Kubwabo, met with the musicians in New York City. After talking about life, music, and films, they’ve been working together ever since. Their creative friendship has led to the development of various projects, including this one.

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