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LittleFox Returns with Magical Single ‘Magpie Heart’

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alison Jenkins is the brains behind LittleFox, and she’s just released an absolutely charming new tune called ‘Magpie Heart’. Guided by her banjo, Jenkins concocts a folky, poppy, bluegrassy little number that instantly makes its way straight into your heart. It’s a track that the musician dedicates to “her people”, those quirky souls whose encouragement and company kickstarted the whole LittleFox adventure. “During the last few crazy pandemic years, a lot of us really found out who our people were,” she says. “This song is dedicated to them”.

Now to discuss Alison’s quite ridiculous vocal performance. Ethereal, hypnotising, commanding, and simply exquisite. Personally, it’s the highlight of the song for me, and I’m honestly blown away. 

‘Magpie Heart’ serves as a testament to LittleFox’s incredible ability to combine traditional folk sounds with modern pop sensibilities, creating a sound that’s somehow fresh yet familiar at the same time. She is a highly gifted artist, and I cannot wait to hear her second EP ‘Ghost In This House’ later this year. Do yourself a favour and give ‘Magpie Heart’ a listen straight away! You won’t be disappointed.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Magpie Heart’ on Spotify now:


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