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Lil Creepy 1 Teams Up with Snoop Dogg on ‘Cigarillo Blunt RAPS’

We were recently writing about how hip-hop has become standardised and difficult to be innovated. Well, Lil Creepy 1 has found quite a quirky take on it, delving into tradition while looking at the future. The formula is simple: G-funk and retro Gangsta rap stylings, all drenched in modern goo and production value. The result is gems such as ‘Cigarillo Blunt RAPS’, a laid-back, chill jewel with a distinct colourful and playful vibe. 

The notable Snoop Dogg appears on the track, in a collaboration that feels natural and perfect. Reminding us of the West Coast Giants and wider 90s stylings, ‘Cigarillo Blunt RAPS’ develops a gloomy yet calm character, flourishing over slow-burn bouncy beats and bright synthetisers. Needless to say, Lil Creepy 1’s evocative and hard-hitting flow is the highlight of the whole record, never commanding too much attention, but always maintaining veiled charisma and confidence in the song’s lyricism.

Described as “a spin-off on cannabis use and blunt papers” by the American talent, ‘Cigarillo Blunt RAPS’ can be found in the larger ‘The Hit List’ album, a record that’s getting a lot of traction on streaming services. 

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