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Bailey Grey Shares Nuanced EP ‘Oh, Mother’

We discovered Bailey Grey only recently, and it was worth it. Based in London, the talented songstress lives in her own artistic universe, a place where creativity is multi-faceted, elegant and evocative, a place where emotions flow freely and unfiltered, delivered with charisma and lusciousness by Grey’s stunning vocals. 

‘Oh, Mother’ is the strongest evidence of that. The project’s latest effort, the EP sees Bailey engaging in a variety of references and stylings, going from bright pop to reflective alt-folk and dreamy indie goo. It’s a highly eclectic formula that leaves a lot to the imagination; in fact, the listening experience is pretty absorbing and hypnotising, wrapping the listeners into a stream of unwavering lyrical honesty and veiled fierceness. 

Introduced by the nostalgic, cathartic title track ‘Oh, Mother’, the EP moves with light melancholia into ‘BY DESIGN’, upping the tempo and the “existential dread” factor – according to Grey herself. ‘Gut Feeling’ is way more cheeky and playful, well complemented by ‘Paper Airplane – Remix’, taking the record to a close in an anthemic fashion. 

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