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Kaiwyn Delivers the Goods Again with ‘The Cut After The First’

Kaiwyn is an Australian-based singer/songwriter with a rather unusual backstory. While studying to become a medical doctor, he began writing music as well. It wasn’t until last year, however, that he decided to produce what he had written in his early adult years. First came ‘Dedicated To You’, then ‘You’re My Kind’, and now his brand new single ‘The Cut After The First’. Each one of those tunes deserves your undivided attention but today, let’s dive a little deeper into the latter.

Written back in high school, and telling the age-old tale of longing for intimacy from someone who is unavailable, ‘The Cut After The First’ captures Kaiwyn at his very best. Filled with warm pop sensibilities, expertly fashioned hooks, and the emotionally honest vocals of the artist, it’s a song that truly has a little something for everyone! I love that delicate guitar that gets the track going, and the way Kaiwyn builds and layers the tune is just exceptional!

Kaiwyn still works full-time in the medical field, and I wonder if he thought his song would be having the sort of impact that they are having. He’s beginning to gain some serious traction within the industry, and it’s very clear to see (and hear) why!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘The Cut After The First’ on Spotify now:


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