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Levi DaRosa Shares R&B Anthem ‘They Don’t (Make’m Like You)’

Upon listening to ‘They Don’t (Make’m Like You)’, we instantly got wrapped up in the most LUSCIOUS R&B we have heard in a while. Moving with passion and heartwarming energy, the track sees North Carolina-bound songstress Levi DaRosa indulging in slow-paced poignancy and veiled euphoria, delivering a tale of love, attraction and nostalgia. 

Crowning it all, we find DaRosa’s evocative vocals, carrying the listeners into a blissful, romantic songwriting universe – the same she’s been wandering through in the record. Truthfully, the track takes us back in time to the early ‘2000, a time when R&B used to mean ardent, amorous feelings and unmatched charisma. Levi is bringing that back, and we couldn’t be happier! 

A stunning music video completes a release that’s likely to attract a whole lot of new listeners to the project. DaRosa doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, thanks to a musical prowess that’s impressive and incredibly vibrant. Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, she explains: “an ode to good memories that seem to slip away from everyone”.

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