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CRONAM Unveils Sonic Exploration ‘Beyond Decay Vol. 1’

We knew what to expect even by just looking at pictures of him in the studio. Hailing from Berlin, sonic explorer CRONAM appears to be surrounded by modular synths, turntables, samplers, and a whole lot of patching cables. It turns out that even if we could predict the genre ballpark he’s operating in, the talented producer still blew our minds: ‘Beyond Decay Vol. 1’ is certainly very original and quirky. 

It is not just modular mumbo jumbo: it is a well-thought-out journey into hip-hop, bass music and a touch of leftfield electronica, all blended together following a recipe that doesn’t over-indulge on sound design chaos, but that commits to an organised structure, giving it a clear direction. ‘Beyond Decay Vol. 1’ is exactly that: over two pieces, the record weaves in and out of deep and twitchy bass patches, cinematic textures and spoken word samples, all complemented by a healthy amount of icy and noisy beats. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the EP, CRONAM reveals: “The creation was a journey onwards to experiment and pick elements of these different instruments and invent a blend of deep bass music that blurs the lines between post-dubstep, dark beats and bass music in general”.

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