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Belouis Some Receives Elegant Livery with ‘Orchestral Eighties’

The keen reader might recall a previous article about the upcoming compilation ‘Orchestral Eighties’. A brilliant work of curations, it features some of the most stunning hits of the 80s, with the original artists on it! We proudly described it as “a bunch of 80s hits with a dreamy, orchestral contour”. That’s the main feature of the record. 

While still retaining that classic synth-pop allure, it also drenches everything into classical elegance, with a stream of luscious string sections very active throughout the tracks. ‘Imagination’ by British star Belouis Some is the latest hit to receive that treatment. Featuring an ‘orchestral version’ and an ‘extended version’, the song finds a new production, still pretty loyal to the original but with modern sonic paste and tons of orchestral flair. 

The project will release one single per week until the end of August, when the whole compilation will be available, even on physical formats; as we are told: “an album CD, and as a 3CD box set featuring previously unreleased versions and a brand new and exclusive A Flock Of Seagulls track”. What more could you wish for?

Recommended! Discover ‘Imagination’ and ‘Orchestral Eighties’ on Spotify:


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