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Legna Hernández Teams Up with Love Ghost on ‘Tiana’

What happens when you combine known musical hero Love Ghost with a massive Mexican influencer? Good music is what happens. A Lot of it. ‘Tiana’ is the strongest evidence of it. A fierce, honest pop-punk anthem, the single sees the American artist teaming up with Legna Hernández, a big figure in the Mexican social media landscape, with millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok.

The collaboration seems a natural step for both of the talents involved, seeing as Love Ghost has been busking in the Mexican artistic landscape for a while and Hernández is slowly delving into music, something that she loves dearly. ‘Tiana’ features both of their vocals, resulting in a hard-hitting, unwavering anthem focusing on romantic-fuelled nostalgia and past relationships. 

It all translates into highly relatable lyricism that we are confident will connect with a wide audience out there! Hernández’s singing performance is really good, with acute, powerful vocals reminding us of the likes of Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams. Speaking about the track, the pair explain: “A song that talks about realizing the mistakes made during a relationship, and the memories that come to mind when listening to a song that reminds you of that person”.

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