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Calum Ingram Gears Up for Upcoming Album with Fierce Anthem ‘The Man’

It’s exciting to see Calum Ingram back on the new music landscape! He’s managed to build such a unique and quirky style to instantly stand out among a crowded scene – and it’s not a surprise at all. Delving into vintage rock’n’roll, soul and funk territories, Ingram champions his talent on the cello, pivoted by him in a very eclectic and modern way. That makes his catalogue absolutely outstanding, very original yet familiar, forward-thinking yet drenched in tradition. 

Following up from ‘Show Me The Way’ and ‘Cup Of Urafain’, the Edinburgh-based talent returns with ‘The Man’, an exquisitely vibrant and sharp offering built over folk stylings, groovy soul rhythms and distinctively relatable songwriting, once again showcasing Ingram’s artistic potential. The chorus in particular is rather pop-oriented, a sign that the British creative might be looking at expanding his audience. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Calum Ingram explains: “It’s about the idea of someone towering over you, showing you that they are the only ones worthy of power. It’s also about the stranglehold that men have had over women through the generations. I feel very passionately about women’s rights, so this is a reminder to people who are stuck in the past to wake the hell up!”.

Look out for Calum Ingram’s upcoming album, expected on April 19th. Discover ‘The Man’ on Spotify:


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