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Gregory Ackerman Shares Elegant Jewel ‘Brand New Life’

There’s a strong aura of softness in ‘Brand New Life’, a generally warm and welcoming vibe packed with positivity and witty lyricism. Nothing new for Gregory Ackerman; active since the mid-2010s, the Los Angeles-based creative has been busy navigating alt-folk, psych and indie stylings with a peculiar outlook, making for a catalogue that’s light and refreshing, yet very meaningful and hypnotising. 

‘Brand New Life’ follow suit: over a bed of slow-tempo vintage-flavoured goodness, the record layers Ackerman’s casual and vibrant vocals, delivered with immense charisma and understated elegance. Drenched in 70s soul and funk stylings, the single empowers groovy rhythms and mellow guitars and keys, a formula that’s just so very enticing. 

It works: Gregory wraps the listeners in sonic magic, providing two minutes of pure, unfiltered bliss, confirming once again the project’s strengths. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Ackerman explains: “It’s a love song about a girl I had just met at the time of writing, a girl who I am now going to marry in April before the release of this album. I say girl, but she is most definitely a strong, brave, and beautiful woman”.

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