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Lee Fitzjames Returns With Banger ‘Thinkin Bout…’

Embodying the true spirit of a multi-artistic creative, American talent Lee Fitzjames proudly champions her eclectic, multi-sided aesthetic, navigating music and visual arts with the same proficiency. While running a bright acting career, she has also managed to build a respectable musical project, from which she can highlight the many skills and abilities that form her identity. 

Debuting earlier this year with the sultry electronic pop banger ‘Musta Been Bad’, Fitzjames instantly caught the attention of listeners worldwide. Her refined, relatable songwriting paired perfectly with the acclaimed music video accompanying the song. Follower ‘Hold In’ continued in the same direction, establishing her personal style. Only with her latest effort can we catch a glimpse of a different setting. ‘Thinkin Bout…’ shuffle the cards in favour of a clubby, house-informed bubbly banger. 

Featuring an easily recognizable synth-bass sound, widely known as a staple of 90s house, ‘Thinkin Bout…’ proceeds to blend it with R’n’B sensibilities and beats, realising something that’s not only fresh but also innovative. Fitzjames’ charming vocals complete what’s a very alluring artistic picture. About the song, the multi-talented American explains: “The lyrics dig into how it feels to doubt your ability to love, while falling for someone at the same time. It’s a testament to the times when we are discouraged to catch feelings.”

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