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Laurelight Shares Luscious EP ‘The Tunnel’

There’s a strong sense of resilience in Laurelight’s latest effort. The second EP to be released under the moniker, ‘The Tunnel’ showcases the project’s eclecticism and pop prowess over five stunning tracks. Exploring electronic avenues, the record seems to be aiming at a mainstream global pop sound, perfectly hitting its mark. Laurelight is a talented being: based in London, he champions powerful, anthemic and evocative vocals, often infusing his song with a certain cinematic energy, further enhanced by the kaleidoscopic and edgy sonic flair of the productions. 

It’s clear how personal the EP is: in it, the listeners will get familiar with Laurelight’s own struggles, accompanying him on a journey to reconciliation and confidence, leaving past challenges behind in favour of a glorious view of the future. If ‘The Tunnel’ is anything to go by, we are confident we’ll see the project grow very soon. 

A wholesome EP for enlightened listeners: Laurelight is worth a listen, both the sonic and lyrical charge is fascinating and luscious, as we are sure it is his personality. 

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