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Chris Portka Unveils Visionary and Noisy Single ‘Wildlife’

We’ll go ahead and declare that Chris Portka’s music is not for everyone. If you are a casual radio listener, mainly enjoying mainstream pop, this is probably not for you. But – if discovering deeper artistic avenues and unexpected sonic formulas could brighten your day – then please do approach Portka’s latest single, ‘Wildlife’, a chaotic yet charming slice of euphoria, the triumph of saturation and light distortion. 

Described as ‘trash music’ by Chris himself, the record blurs the line between punk and industrial, focusing on producing a steady stream of ‘noisy energy’, through which one can scout remnants of a guitar, a drum groove, some vocals. 

Anticipating a larger album expected later this year, Portka packs ‘Wildlife’ with a b-side, a full-length instrumental jam, always following the same meticulously researched sonic recipe. What’s the goal here, you might ask? Simply, the American musician seeks to open new avenues of perception, offering an alternative take on what music is usually seen as. Effectively, he is a visionary, a sound wizard. 

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