Jasmine Matthews Returns with Stunning EP ‘Reverie’

A well-known artist on our blog, Jasmine Mattews is somewhat of a hidden jewel. Based in Australia, she’s a nuanced artist, sharing golden nuggets of relatable pop matter, often drenched in luscious productions. In fact, we wrote about her debut single ‘Reverie’ back in March, proudly declaring it “a laidback gem, channelling modern RnB vibes against a backdrop of poignant strings and organic drums.” Now, the Aussie talent reveals an EP of the same name. 

‘Reverie’ – the EP – is a wider and more comprehensive look into Matthews’ artistry. Even from the ambient-like, sparse intro, one can catch a glimpse of Jasmine’s elegant, mellow and soothing character, drenched in tradition yet managing to be extremely contemporary. ‘Haunted’ is more pop-lenient, showcasing the project’s eclectic flair. ‘Retrospect’ becomes the anthemic and cinematic piece of the record, well contrasted by ‘Vagabond’, returning to Matthews’ R&B and soulful roots. 

A masterful record, celebrating Jasmine Matthews as one of Australia’s most interesting newcomers. Don’t sleep on it – worth your attention. 

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