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Echezona Returns With Fierce Bouncy Gem ‘TMH’

While you might find that there’s a lot of rap around these days, it is also true that the playing field has sort of levelled up, making it harder to spot true talents trying to innovate and go deeper in their artistic research. Luckily, we were still able to single out Echezona. Hailing from Boston, the talented rapper champions material with poignancy and meaning, while pursuing an eclectic musical style. 

What makes him special is his artistry, deeply influenced by his roots. Born to African parents in the USA, Echezona connects to his parent’s motherland (Nigeria) through music, managing to draw an imaginary line between modern hip-hop and kaleidoscopic afro-beat. This makes for an interesting take on his whole rap aesthetic, allowing him to play his own separate, alluring game. 

‘TMH’ is the latest in Echezona’s productive and successful catalogue. Produced by long-time collaborator JPRiZM, the track takes on a playful yet haunting character, sounding exciting and extremely contemporary. On one hand, you have a bouncy, groovy and dancy beat, quite the masterpiece. This club-oriented musical goodness is the cornerstone for Echezona’s rapid-flowing bars, engaging in bold and acute lyricism. Describing his desire to not be categorized, or put into boxes, the Boston rapper reiterates her mysterious nature, while motivating the listeners in staying true to themselves. 

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