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Lamia Delivers Dreamy and Authentic New Single ‘graves’

‘graves’ is the dreamy and captivating new single from a Dresden-based singer/songwriter known simply as Lamia. Heavily inspired by The Cranberries and Halsey, Lamia has only gone and concocted one of my favourite tunes of the year. Alternating between laidback etherealness and buoyant bounciness, ‘graves’ sends the listener on a mesmerizing journey where introspection meets exhilaration. A melodic pilgrimage that resonates with depth and sincerity, it’s a track that has utterly stolen my heart.

Serving as the second to last single before Lamia releases her debut EP, ‘graves’ is as DIY a song as they come. “It all took place in my living room where we sat until five in the morning to get it all right,” says the artist. “And then we stayed up another night to celebrate”.

I must say…I think the late Dolores O’Riordan would be extremely impressed with ‘graves’. It’s genuine and authentic and showcases Lamia’s ability to blend vulnerability with artistic prowess, something that I personally always admired in the late vocalist of The Cranberries.

I hope the musician’s debut EP comes out sooner rather than later. I think she’s onto something quite sonically special!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘graves’ on Spotify now:


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