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The Gerry Farrow Band Unleash Debut EP ‘Drink (To the Music in My Head)’

Just last month, I fell deeply in love with a tune called ‘Giving Up’. Courtesy of Leicestershire-based act The Gerry Farrow Band, I instantly labelled it a haunting and poignant indie-folk ballad. Now, nearing 10,000 plays on Spotify, I think it’s fair to say that its appeal is widespread and enduring. 

Desperate to hear more from the talented act, I was thrilled when they dropped their debut EP just a few days ago. ‘Drink (To the Music in My Head)’ is a four-track offering that paints a picture of post-lockdown life with emotion and sincerity, and provides further proof that we’re dealing with some seriously gifted musicians.

The EP’s title track gets proceedings underway in an upbeat and joyful fashion. “The song is a celebration of all things in life both good and bad which go to make up our existence and for which we should be grateful,” says Gerry.

‘Giving Up’ is the EP’s second tune and you already know my feelings about it. Pure brilliance. ‘Be Someone Else’ is another stunning and powerful piece of music that deals with life’s pressures and rediscovering oneself, before the soul-stirringly beautiful ‘All the Misfits’ brings the EP to a close.

Running out of superlatives to describe The Gerry Farrow Band, all I can do is urge you to give them a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘Drink (To the Music in My Head)’ on Spotify now:


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