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Carson Ferris Experiments with a More Electronic Sound on ‘Ghosts’

Utah-based singer/songwriter Carson Ferris is the very definition of a teen sensation. He also just happens to be one of our favourite up-and-coming artists. At just fourteen years old, the talented musician has already racked up nearly one million plays on Spotify, and I believe he’s well on his way to becoming a household name.

‘Ghosts’ is Carson’s latest offering – an electro-pop stunner that embraces deep synths and heavy drums. Think Dua Lipa but at a slower tempo. Teaming up for the first time with producer Matthew Parker, the upbeat and irresistibly infectious tune carries a profound and weighty message. “‘Ghosts’ is a song about letting go and moving on from situations and people that aren’t good for you,” says Ferris. 

With an emphasis on forgiveness and letting go of grudges, Carson’s insights transcend his age, as he delivers a mature lesson wrapped in a catchy and compelling melody.

As his first single in almost nine months, ‘Ghosts’ sees Ferris’ sound developing and evolving. It’s only natural that he’ll experiment with new styles and themes as his musical journey unfolds, and we feel honoured to be part of this exciting ride!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Ghosts’ on Spotify now:


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