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Kimberly Morgan York Returns with ‘Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense’

If you daydream about driving through Route 66 and experiencing the real American folklore, ‘Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense’ is a record that you’ll greatly appreciate. Penned by talented songstress Kimberly Morgan York, the EP builds on traditional country and Americana stylings with an elegant and wholesome attitude, providing a listening experience that feels warm and welcoming, playful too. 

A four-track collection, ‘Devil Songs and Other Such Nonsense’, the record is York’s third offering to date, and as such it showcases her constant growth and immense experience. Boasting a long career as a performer and songwriter, it’s only natural to be able to appreciate her music with respect, and frankly, she’s one of the best Country artists we have heard in a long time. Charming, evocative vocals that instantly captivate the listeners. 

Now based in Athens, GA, Kimberly describes her ‘Appalachian roots’ as a source of inspiration, helping instigate a sense of poignancy and light smoothness into little nuggets of traditional goodness. Writing about simple yet relatable experiences, Morgan York is an artistic jewel to protect at all costs. 

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