Elina Gears Up for Upcoming Debut Album ‘Whatever Happens Now’

The keen listener might already be familiar with Swedish pop songstress Elina. Hailing from Stockholm, the talented creative has been building a cult following over the last few years, enchanting audiences worldwide with her soothing vocals, poignant writing and authentic artistry. In fact, she’s a global phenomenon by now, highly recognized as the Nordic’s next big thing. 

Gearing up for her upcoming debut album, ‘Whatever Happens Now’, expected on October 27th, Elina is currently on tour, and for any of you that are based in London, like we are, she’s visiting Omeara on the album release day (tickets can be found on DICE). Not to be missed! 

What a year has been for Elina. Having released a plethora of singles over spring and summer, she’s consistently showcased the project’s intensity and lyrical elegance. In fact, ‘Sweet Night’ has been one of our highlights this year, a mellow, evocative and stunning song that embraces the listener with warmth and acceptance. Elina’s vocals are extraordinary, wholesome and packed with meaning. Looking forward to the album. 

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