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Kiirstin Marilyn Celebrates Her Late Brother on Beautiful New EP ‘Kristoffer’

‘Kristoffer’ is one of the most moving and poignant records that I’ve heard all year. Courtesy of Kiirstin Marilyn, a New York-based alternative-pop singer/songwriter, actor, and street activist,  the six-track EP serves as a heartfelt tribute to her late brother of the same name. “I just want people to know my brother and his story,” says the artist. “We rarely know what others have been through or are currently facing”. How right she is. 

The unbelievably enchanting ‘Beyond the Bad’ kicks off the EP, and we are immediately exposed to some splendid and emotional strings. Kiirstin then makes her vocal introduction in an angelic and ethereal fashion, casting an enchanting spell over the listener. 

The rocky and anthemic ‘Real Life’ then follows, and shows us a different and exciting sonic side of the musician.

‘Twenty-Five’ brings us back down to earth with a delicate and contemplative soundscape, as Kiirstin now shows off her incredible vocal reach and prowess. ‘Train Tracks’, ‘To Forgive’, and ‘Older’ complete the EP and, without giving too much away, unveil a true artist in every sense of the word. I’ve fallen in love with this ridiculously beautiful record, and I get the feeling that you will too!

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘Kristoffer’ on Spotify now:


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