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Rob Giles Returns with Remarkable New Album ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’

Rob Giles is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Los Angeles. With four studio albums under his belt and co-writing credits for artists like Lisa Loeb and Sara Ramirez, it’s fair to say that Rob is already a highly respected musician. Now returning with his fifth full-length record in the form of ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’, Giles firmly cements his status as a musical luminary and a thought-provoking artist. 

‘Tears into Art’ begins the album, bringing to mind the genius elegance of Samuel Beam, better known as Iron & Wine. It also serves as the record’s first single, and gave Rob the proof that he needed to keep creating music.“This song was a gift of clarity for me that I could still write and sing, which I truly didn’t know if I could,” he says.

‘Show Me the Way to the Ocean’ follows ‘Tears into Art’ and it’s another absolute stunner! Rich, gentle, and somehow familiar yet refreshingly original at the same time, it’s just a beautiful tune!

Other personal favourites from the album include ‘Some Stars’, ‘Up on a Plane’, and the stunning closer ‘I Am Not My Body’. Truthfully though, every track deserves your undivided attention! ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’ is undoubtedly one of my dearest records of the year.

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’ on Spotify now:


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