KHIDIR Returns with Relatable Pop Gem ‘December’

Our latest pop obsession takes the shape of KHIDIR, talented newcomer with a knack for modern electronic pop, drenched in relatability and commercial prowess. Emerging from Singapore, the young artist debuted back in 2021, although he has remained silent since then. The artistic vision championed by the project was already clear, with KHIDIR pursuing intimate and introspective lyricism, drenched in explosive and catchy choruses and edgy sound design. ‘December’ – KHIDIR’s latest effort – picks up from where he left off. 

In it, the listener can expect a good amount of nostalgia and poignancy, declined through bright and groovy pop goodness. Introduced by a dark and ethereal soundscape, the track soon makes its way to a bouncier, groovier outlook, once again manifesting a stunning chorus. This confirms KHIDIR’s songwriting prowess: his ability to write functioning melodies is quite impressive. 

Lyrically, ‘December’ shares a refreshing message. Being themed around a breakup, KHIDIR approaches it with fairness, acceptance and calmness, explaining how sometimes, relationships just don’t work. Timing, are we right? He celebrates the good memories, showcasing an acute sense of maturity and gratefulness for the time shared together. 

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