Kete Bowers Shares Wholesome Song ‘BlackWater’

It took us a while to write this article, mainly because we felt deeply hypnotised by Bowers‘ evocative, deep vocals. Delivering his lines with immense gravitas and charisma, the British singer-songwriter manages to evoke a myriad of wholesome emotions, penning songs that feel solemn, cathartic and highly introspective. ‘BlackWater’ is Kete’s latest effort, a slow-paced, glum gem balanced over acoustic guitars, deep and minimal textures, and Bowers’ meaningful lyricism. 

The second record to be unveiled by Bowers this year, ‘BlackWater’ might not be for everyone: after all, some peeps out there prefer not to indulge in darkness. We do, and we thrive in the crepuscular and sombre sonic picture drawn so carefully by the Merseyside-based musician. 

Gearing up for a new album, to be unveiled sometime in the future, Kete Bowers is proudly referencing the likes of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, all legendary songwriters who really embodied their lyrical pieces. It might be dark out there, but we are not alone. 

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