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Domiziana Explores Introspection in ‘So Bored’

The keen listener might already be familiar with Domiziana, having appeared in our publication earlier this year. Writing about ‘Psychod!Ck’, we proudly declared it “a stunning slice of heavenly euphoria and groovy vocals, deeply drenched in Domiziana’s modern and deep aesthetic”. Now, the London-based soulful talent returns with an impressive EP, ‘Bubble Pop’, a record that  – despite its name – delves into electronic-powered R&B and evocative Neo-Soul, resulting in material that’s majestic, elegant and highly hypnotising. 

There are a lot of good things about this record, but the most striking is perhaps the quality of Domiziana’s vocals. Malleable, luscious and evocative, they deservingly crown the EP and demand instant attention from the listeners, while delving into introspective lyricism. Lead single ‘So Bored’ is one of the absolute standouts, featuring a modulating instrumental that pivots between blissful soul and twitchy electronica. The track’s flourishing chorus is one of the best things we have heard from Domiziana yet: with a slightly retro reference, the section sends a shockwave of energy and uplifting elegance that’s hard to resist.

Lyrically, we are in reflective territories, with the London-based creative allowing the listeners into her nuanced reality. Navigating early adulthood with a proud queer outlook, Domiziana exposes our society toxic’s traits, all “intertwined through personal introspection, trauma, acceptance and deconstruction”, as she explains. 

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