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Soulful Tones and Elegant Vocals: Discover Anton Commissaris

It’s rather difficult to pinpoint Anton Commissaris to a specific genre and identity. Rather, the Menlo Parko-based creative likes to wander from reference to reference with a playful and wholesome outlook, maintaining one constant: his luscious, near-perfect and elegant vocals. We were writing about the project a few weeks ago, with Commissaris showcasing his best Frank Sinatra impression in ‘Closer To You’. Now, he returns with a stunning song that’s decisively more modern, although still drenched in the same jazzy, piano bar-style blissful goo. 

‘Love Somebody’ is exactly what we would expect from Commissaris. The Californian pianist and composer puts his musical prowess on display with a slice of bubbly and relatable retro goodness. Built over funk and R&B stylings, ‘Love Somebody’ blends syncopated drums with virtuoso-style piano playing, an exuberant horn section, and charming female backing vocals, also giving the record a certain Gospel edge. 

Lyrically, the single seeks to be a universal anthem for love. As Commissaris explains: “We often go through struggles in life (some days are hard, some nights are long … when times are tough, your luck is down) – a possible remedy is the ability to go out and love somebody!”

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