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pMad Returns with Haunting Single ‘Fire’

There’s a decisively dark and eerie feeling in pMad’s latest effort, as if the Irish creative had managed to collect all the pain and hypocrisies plaguing our current reality, making ‘Fire’ a haunting and anthemic record, perhaps a fitting soundtrack for the end of the world. Built on fuzzy and distorted electronic matter, the track configures itself as a rich and pompous blend between hard rock and dubstep stylings, fully encapsulating the nagging feeling of doom that seems to be familiar to all of us these days. 

Sonically, it’s also quite peculiar. Championing a certain minimalism, ‘Fire’ constantly alternates beatless verses to EDM-like risers, before exploding into a more punchy chorus, really encapsulating what pMad stands for. The Galway resident seems to be comfortable with spoken word, a feature that makes the track more interesting, in our opinion. 

A reflection on the current state of events – and humankind’s ever-standing greed, ‘Fire’ was born when pMad took a good look at our society, asking the question: “Our planet is on ‘Fire’ – do we have the time and the will to save it? Will those with the Power and the Money be willing to sacrifice their profits or will they wait until they can make a new fortune in telling us they saved us?”

Lucky for us, pMad has also just released an 8-track album, exclusively offered through Bandcamp and available as a CD. 

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