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Die Softly Shares Retro-Inspired Stunner ‘Shade’

The keen reader will certainly know of our love for everything dreamy and retro. It’s only natural then, for us to feature Die Softly, 80s-inspired chillwave outfit with a knack for lo-fi synthetisers and melodious vocals. The solo project of Seattle-based musician Leah Rosen, Die Softly is not only sonically rewarding, but it’s also a stunning example of great songwriting. 

Take for instance ‘Shade’, the project’s latest effort. Conceived as a demo more than a decade ago, the track now sees the light of day in glorious fashion, drenched in new wave and retro vibes. We absolutely love it. While the verses share a certain haunting and icy quality, the chorus explodes into a harmonically rich and poignant sonic universe, really drawing the listener in. 

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