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Jochen Arbeit and Sonja Kosche Release Experimental Album ‘Das Bett’

It’s an honour to be able to cover this album. For all of you enlightened listeners out there, ‘Das Bett’ is the artistic joy of Jochen Arbeit and Sonjia Kosche. For reference, Arbeit is the guitarist for German Industrial/Post Punk/Seminal Noise Band Einstürzende Neubauten. No need to say more eh? This collaborative album thrives in the most experimental and concrete goo you can imagine. Not an electronic piece, it’s actual musique concrete – John Cage would be proud of that. 

Following up on an EP released last year, ‘Tier Macht Toene’, ‘Das Bett’ seems to amplify the theme quite a fair bit, playing with resonances, metal jangles and industrial palettes, all drenched in pauses, space and silence. It’s a cathartic, almost solemn experience: the listeners will be able to connect to their inner selves, almost transforming the album into a meditative tool.  

Delving into the technicalities of it, we are told: “The sounds were produced with strings, tines, membranes, metal plates and human bodies that were attached to varying degrees on a steel bed. The bed itself works as a resonator”. The artistic angle is nuanced and genius, delivering a stunning piece of experimental music that greatly pushes forward the boundaries of the field. 

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