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Friends and Amigos Unleash Infectious Sophomore Single ‘Three Dollar Bill’

‘Three Dollar Bill’ is the killer new single from Friends and Amigos, a four-piece genre-nonconforming act hailing from Washington, D.C. Formerly known as Gabrielle Zwi and Friends, the band is made up of Gabrielle Zwi (singer/songwriter), Levi Hebeisen (guitar), Avi Ali (bass), and Spencer Marcotte (drums). On their sophomore single, the follow-up to ‘Sitting on Tables’, the act has concocted one of the most infectious and catchy tunes that I’ve heard all year! Described by the band as, “a fun queer overdramatic heartbreak song,” it’s a track that instantly sucks you in with delicate vocals and a sweet acoustic guitar.

A jangly electric along with upbeat and lively drums is soon introduced and takes ‘Three Dollar Bill’ up a notch. Electrifying, captivating, and gripping! The tune ebbs and flows between high energy and more quiet moments throughout, but maintains that alluring pull the entire way through.

I’ve fallen pretty hard for this track, I must admit. Friends and Amigos seem like a band who just go about their business, deaf to any outside voices or popularity trends. They’re authentic and genuine, qualities often hard to come by these days. We truly cannot wait to hear what they offer up the world next! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Three Dollar Bill’ on Spotify now:


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