Guitar Hero Liv Crash Returns with ‘You Fool (Mad)’

The keen reader will happily remember Liv Crash, Italian guitar hero with a knack for funk-laced tunes and witty lyricism. We featured him on our pages not long ago, on the occasion of his fast-paced banger ‘Shakespeare Inspired The Boobs’, which we proudly championed: “a steady bass line underlines Liv Crash’s rhythmical guitar playing, while his gritty, humorous and engaging vocals draw a hilarious fictional scenario based on lust”. 

His style is mainly focused on finding the best possible outcome between eclectic guitar playing and relatable, catchy lyricism, an approach that seems to have paid off, at least so far. If ‘Shakespeare Inspired The Boobs’ seemed to navigate towards a Vulfpeck-inspired direction, now the Italian talent shuffle his artistic cards a fair bit, sharing a tune that highlights the dynamic and multi-genre nature of the project. 

With ‘You Fool (Mad)’, the listener is overwhelmed by slow-rock vibes, also channelling a certain blues prowess. A poignant ballad, the track showcases a different side of Liv Crash’s artistry, one that can potentially offer solace and comfort, always with a strong musical silver lining. In this case, the silver lining comes at the end, when the Italian talent treats us to a glorious guitar solo, the kind of solo you’d hear in an arena concert, really digging into the melodious quality of the song. Just beautiful. 

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