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Jessica Terrell Returns with Smooth New Tune ‘Mesmerized’

Nashville, am I right? The amount of stellar music coming from Tennessee’s capital is actually getting a little crazy now. With that in mind, please give a big welcome to Jessica Terrell, a singer/songwriter and Broadway performer who’s been hailed as “one of Nashville’s fiercest up-and-coming independent artists”. Two days ago, Jessica released her brand new tune entitled ‘Mesmerized’ and no, sadly it’s not a song dedicated to us! Telling the tale of an ill-fated love affair with a “bad boy” that was always destined for failure, the track delves into the realm of fleeting connections. Of those enticing but detrimental entanglements that draw us in despite their inevitable consequences.

Sonically, it’s a song that sees Terrell blending up a couple of genres. Country tones get intertwined with pop melodies and a summery Latin vibe to produce a hypnotising and enticing little number. Along with Jessica’s commanding vocals and her magical storytelling ability, there’s simply nothing to not love about ‘Mesmerized’. 

This unique blend of sounds and textures is what gives the musician her signature sound. With the passion of Miranda Lambert, the storytelling ability of Dolly Parton, and the fiery, rocky spirit of Stevie Nicks, Terrell has everything she needs to make it big time!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Mesmerized’ on Spotify now:


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