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La Palma Share Latest EP ‘Red-tailed River’

Working across opposite ends in the US, La Palma is a project that finds its pace in the quiet and slow exchange of sonic fragments, shared over the ether with faithful consistency. Collaborating between San Francisco and Washington D.C., Tim Gibbon and Chris Walker – the humans behind the project – have seemingly found their perfect creative universe, manifesting kaleidoscopic and nuanced material that’s balanced over dazzling indie references, folk lyricism and a general sense of eclecticism. The pair borrows cultural references here and there, before repackaging them into a fresher, boundless bundle of musical joy. 

Active since 2019, La Palma have been championing the album format as a state of mind, rejecting throw-away and disposable singles in favour of wholesome and long-form material. Now, they are back with their first offering of the year, ‘Red-tailed River’, a shorter EP containing three mesmerising pieces, each one with its unique personality and character.

‘Hawks in the Sky’ opens the record in hypnotising fashion, navigating acoustic and folk settings. Sung by Chris Walker, the song echoes his bird-watching efforts in San Francisco. ‘Rock Creek’ pushes the sonic envelope further, getting familiar with indietronica and experimental tones, wonderfully complementing the ethereal vocal tone of Tim Gibbon. In it, the Washington resident echoes a fictional conversation with a river behind his house. ‘Feather Sticks’ bring the EP to a close with a brief yet intense instrumental slice of goodness, putting a smile on the listeners’ faces. 

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