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Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa Share ‘Floating Away’

Gary Dranow is entering our all-time Hall of Fame by merit. He’s part of the family now, showcasing an unwavering productivity that sees him release a plethora of records almost continuously, all sharing the same artistic standard. We last wrote about the project for ‘Chaos’, a track we defined as “timeless musical roots with a modern and contemporary edge”.

We stand by our words: Dranow’s latest effort, ‘Floating Away’, shares the same amount of musical tension, delivering a slice of pop-rock ballad packed with tons of charisma and softness. Leaving distorted tones at home, the record engages in more malleable clean guitar textures, a perfect match for Chris Zoupa’s evocative and majestic vocals. The song seems to be built around Zoupa’s lyrical abilities, with Dranow driving the instrumental force behind it.

A nostalgic and melancholic offering, ‘Floating Away’ will certainly relate to a large chunk of listeners out there, mainly thanks to its simple yet effective lyricism. As Dranow explains: “‘Floating Away’ is our tribute to the enduring power of friendship and the healing that can come from reconnecting with someone you care about deeply.”

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